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In English - American with Skarszewy heritage

russell_in_US - 2009-01-01, 22:47
Temat postu: American with Skarszewy heritage
I am descended from Skarszewy residents. My family arrived in USA in 1884.

Family names: Czaplewski, Lamek, Kadziela

Towns: Skarszewy, Mala Slonca

I am interested in learning more about the families and towns. I do not know Polish. I have looked at Skarszewy material in this website. I love the photos. I cannot read the captions. It was with great difficulty that I was able to register to use the website.

I have been able to examine some microfilmed church records for my genealogy project.

Thank you for any assistance.

villaoliva - 2009-01-02, 00:01

Hi Russel. Welcome to our forum :flaga:

You can use this translator :arrow: http://translate.google.pl/translate_t#

Here you have the automatic translation :arrow: Free Forum Gdańsk

I hope, it may be helpful...

ezet - 2009-01-13, 07:26

Hello Russel,

I think it's worth to ask about those names, Sigi Pawella Jossin from Paris (e-mail : Jossin.Alain@wanadoo.fr ), she has a lot of experience when it comes to genealogical researches of Skarszewy. She is also very activ on Poland Genealogy Forum.

Best regards

dis - 2009-01-18, 11:11

you can find something about your familly here.

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