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In English - Looking for the books Koscioly Diecezji Elblaskiej

Wolfgang - 2008-07-04, 22:44
Temat postu: Looking for the books Koscioly Diecezji Elblaskiej
I do not know where to buy the two books "Koscioly Diecezji Elblaskiej" (tom 1+2). I had the opportunity to look a few minutes into "tom 2" and I was very impressed of the phantastic photos of churches in the Zulawy area.

The texts in the books are in Polish and German (quite poor German but it is to understand).

Author is Danuta Detlaff (or Dettlaff), the ISBN of the books is 83-912654-0-0 (tom 1) and 83-925363-1-4 (tom 2)

Who has an idea where and how to get the books?

Best wishes + greetings!

renekk - 2008-07-04, 23:15

You can buy vol. 2 here:

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